Thank you for your generosity!

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Gugulethu Ballet Project is proud to announce that Lwando Dutyulwa and Odwa Makanda have been selected to receive scholarships to attend the 2017 Alonzo King Lines Ballet Summer Program.

Sponsor Lwando & Odwa for the Summer Program at Alonzo King Lines Ballet

Lwando Dutyulwa and Odwa Makanda from Langa township near Cape Town, South Africa are two very talented, hardworking, focused young men pursuing ballet as a passion and as a path to overcome poverty. They are looking forward to the Summer Program to enhance their ballet skills, connect with other dancers, and find opportunities to collaborate with dance companies. 

Besides covering the cost of travel, insurance, accommodation, and ballet supplies, your contribution will bring hope and inspiration to these young men and their communities. Thank you for your generosity. 

Visit Date: July 8, 2017