Gugulethu Ballet Project provides under-served children in the townships of South Africa the opportunity to study, perform and receive international exposure through the art of ballet. The study of ballet promotes a healthy lifestyle and teaches discipline, respect, resilience and focus. These skills are applied to everyday life. Dance is a positive alternative to crime and destructive behavior that is rampant in the townships of South Africa.

Research & Development – Gugulethu's Founder and Director, Kristine Elliott, travels to South Africa to identify students to bring to USA for dance intensives. Identify and assist schools that serve under-served youth in South African townships that will partner with Gugulethu Project to hold workshops and reach more students through scholarships.

USA Dance Intensive Scholarship Program – Bring talented students from South Africa for intensive ballet study in the United States for a summer intensive program. Intensives offer the dancers opportunities for exposure to their peers and potential employers.

South African Scholarship Program – Provide scholarships and assistance to dance programs in South African townships that work in areas afflicted by extreme poverty. These dance classes are the first introduction for using ballet as a catalyst for change. Assistance can be applied towards scholarships, transportation, meals and lodging. 

Emergency Fund – To help dance organizations and individuals in the townships of South Africa related to the dance programs with unforeseen needs. Past needs included assisting with vehicle repairs so that students could be transported to dance classes.